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MTN Kebir free minutes

Terms and conditions

  1. Customers will first register in order to be eligible for the promotion. Registration will be done by dialing USSD string *100*10#
  2. The call center and other customer-facing staff will have system access to activate and deactivate subscriber MSISDNs
  3. The promotion will be eligible for only prepaid and top up customers
  4. Postpaid customers are not eligible for this promotion
  5. The free minutes are valid from 23:59:59 Friday to 23:59:59 Sunday
  6. Recharge accumulation will be for recharges done between Monday 00:00:00 and Friday 23:59:59
  7. All recharge channels i.e. Physical Scratch Cards, EVD/VTU and direct recharge via SMAP are eligible
  8. All recharges made during the week will be accumulated and summed up at Midnight on Friday
  9. Depending on customer recharge tier, the appropriate minutes will be credited to a bonus account
  10. The subscriber will be able to recharge at any time during the promotion, however only recharges made during the week (Monday – Friday) will qualify for the free weekend bonus minutes.

Free week-end minutes

  1. A customer can receive a maximum of 100 free on-net weekend minutes per week
  2. The free weekend minutes shall be credited on Friday at 23:59:59
  3. The free minutes are valid for use over the weekend.
  4. Any unused free minutes will automatically expire on Sunday 23:59:59. Effective Monday 00:00:00, the counters will reset
  5. The recharge promotion counter will be reset to zero on Friday at 23:59:59 and will restart on Monday for the following week at 00:00:00
  6. The free minutes are valid for only on-net calls and won’t apply in the case of roaming subscribers
  7. The free minutes will be deposited on a bonus promotion account.

Billing rules

  1. During the weekend, the free on-net minutes will be depleted first before charging from the main account kicks-in
  2. The free minutes will be depleted on a per-minute basis
  3. For calls where more than one wallet is used, the CDR produced shall reflect usage from each wallet